Mindfulness Set B (5 Meditations): James McDade

Mindfulness Set B (5 Meditations): James McDade


5 Guided Mindfulness Meditations

5 more Guided Mindfulness Meditations perfect for those new to Mindfulness and experienced meditators. Also available individually or as part of the complete series, this second set of Meditations, guided by James McDade, cover a range of Mindfulness approaches. The short Breathing Space Meditation is perfect for busy days or to listen to throughout the day. (An alternative version by John McCormick is also available).

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Track Listing:

  • 00. Introduction to Meditations (1:23)
  • 01. Mindfulness of Sounds (6:41)
  • 02. The Breathing Space (3:24)
  • 03. The Mountain Meditation (9:40)
  • 04. Kindness and Compassion Meditation (12:43)
  • 05. Developing Presence Meditation (19:17)

Total running time: 53.11

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