Mindfulness Set A (5 Meditations): James McDade

Mindfulness Set A (5 Meditations): James McDade


5 Guided Mindfulness Meditations

A variety of relaxing Guided Mindfulness Meditations perfect for those new to Mindfulness or the more experienced. Also available individually or as part of the complete series, this first set of different Meditations, guided by James McDade, include focusing on the breath and body with two visualisations. (An alternative version by John McCormick is also available).

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Track Listing:

  • 00. Introduction to Meditations (1:23)
  • 01. Mindfulness of Breath (6:52)
  • 02. Mindfulness of Breath and Body (9:35)
  • 03. The River Meditation (5:54)
  • 04. The Lake Meditation (10:32)
  • 05. The Body Scan (19:38)

Total running time: 53:56

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